Hello and welcome to one of my favourite wee nooks on the internet because this is where I tell you all about the zesty fabness of being a photographer. You might not have given it much thought but I reckon it’s one of the best jobs out there. I spend my day capturing your happiest moments and biggest smiles. I’m on the hunt for the big belly-rumbling laughs and bear hugs that squish your nose and mess up your hair and loving every minute of it. All these beautiful smiles and expressions and moments that last just seconds, I tuck away safe inside my camera so they can keep you smiling as you look back on them years from now.

Style-wise, I’m a big fan of minimal posing, allowing space for raw, honest moments. I like quirky details and following the story of your day as it unfolds in a natural, unimposing way. This allows you to relax and simply be with the people you love most. Spending time with you like this keeps me in love with photography and excited to turn up to each engagement ready to take photos of you at your best and give you something that lasts a lifetime. 

If you’d like to begin the journey of creating some timeless and stunning images, then drop me a wee message and we can start chatting. Katy x


Fun Facts

  • I took my first ever photograph fifteen years ago (on an old shabby film camera)

  • I've lived and worked in four out of seven continents (just three more to go!)

  • My cooking is so terrible people have been known to throw it in the bin rather than soldier on (I never did learn to follow a recipe)

  • I've yet to make it through an entire cup of tea or coffee but will happily travel miles for a good hot chocolate

  • My favourite book is Calvin and Hobbes: Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons